Lijun passes her QE!

Lijun passed her QE! Congratulations Lijun! In addition to the cake, we also had >100 freshly baked hotbox cookies for the occasion.

Fall 2019 CPTAC F2F Meeting

Our lab was once again at the NIH campus in Bethesda for the Fall CPTAC 2019 meeting. Our work in GBM, spearheaded by Bobo, was a particular highlight this year. We also toured DC and had some amazing food on the way!

Sohini's farewell party

Oct. 8 was Sohini’s last day in lab. She was a CSB graduate student and then post-doc that was with us for more than 5 years. An avid fan of drinks, red shirts, and dancing, Sohini was often a source of chaos and fun in the lab. We’ll miss you Sohini! The poop lives on.

Sunantha (former postdoc) got married in Chicago!

Sunantha got married on October 12 in Chicago! Some of us went to celebrate with her. We tossed rice at them for good luck, ate some pretty spicy indian food, and danced to bollywood hits all night! On the way back, some of us got really tired.

Simon Joins the lab!

BME student Chia-Kuei (Simon) Mo joined the Ding Lab! Welcome! Aug22, 2019

Celebrating our 2019 Undergraduate Research Journal Club (URJC)

For about 2 months, we hosted the first ever summer Ding Lab URJC, which covered a broad range of topics in cancer research. As the end of summer is fast-approaching, we celebrated with a sushi outing in the CWE. We’ll miss you all!

HTAN F2F June 2019 in Boston

We attended the HTAN meeting in Boston hosted by the Broad. We went through rainy evenings, flight delays, lobster sandwiches, and intense imaging and single cell technology discussions. Li gave a talk representing the Wash U HTAN effort. Punch that Cancer!

Yige passed her QE!

Yige passed her QE and we had a (proportionally-sized) cake to celebrate! Congratulations Yige!

A bright future for our soon-to-be alumni

Starting this Fall, four of our lab members are moving on to the next step in their careers. Lan will pursue a PhD in bioinformatics and integrative genomics at Harvard, Clara will go to medical school at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Alla will pursue a PhD in biomedical engineering at Wash U, and Erik will pursue a PhD in computational and systems biology at Wash U. Congratulations and good luck Lan, Clara, Erik, and Alla!

Dr. Bryan Welm visited Wash U

Dr. Bryan Welm from the University of Utah visited Wash U to give a fantastic talk on organoid research and precision medicine. He is Matt Bailey’s boss!

the Cardinals fight cancer!

We watched another Cards win at the annual Siteman Cancer Center baseball game. Not only did the team win and scored several home runs, but many of us showed up in the big screen! Yize was particularly excited. May 6, 2019

Spring 2019 CPTAC F2F Meeting

Yige, Matt, Yize, Dan, Bobo, Alla, and Song went to the Spring 2019 CPTAC meeting at the NIH near DC for 2 days of intense proteomics discussions. Yige and Matt did an outstanding job by giving a talk that summarized the lab’s current efforts and contributions to the consortium.

Wagma Joins the lab!

We are really excited to welcome our very first Chemistry PhD student into the lab! Welcome Wagma!

Annual AACR conference

Reyka, Sohini, Erik, Lijun, and Ruiyang attended the annual AACR conference in Atlanta. The conference went from March 29 to April 3, with an attendance of more than 22,500! They enjoyed workshops and presentations given by outstanding scientists from diverse fields in cancer research. It was Erik, Lijun, and Ruiyang’s first time at an AACR conference. Exciting! It was also great to chat with Ding lab alumnus Kuan, who is now an assistant professor at Mount Sinai in NYC. March 29-April 3, 2019

Froyo celebrations!

We went out to celebrate several events with our usual Froyo! Dan passed his QE part 2, Ruiyang’s belated QE celebration (winter is too cold for froyo!), and Mamatha and Kazu joining the lab. Our usual location (tuttifruti) was closed, since they haven’t opened for Spring yet, so we went to the eponymous Froyo location further north. Congrats everyone and welcome Mamatha and Kazu!