Congratulations, Dr. Bailey!

Dr. Matthew Bailey valiantly defended his thesis titled “Somatic Variant Detection and Driver Gene Discovery Using TCGA”. We were glad he rearranged his busy conference call schedule to talk to us about his science! He wowed us with big data circos plots and sweetly shared the positive influence his family and community have had on his life. Bailey’s children now refer to him as Dr. Dad! October 3, 2018.

Dr. Sohini Sengupta!!!

Congratulations to the Ding Lab’s most recent graduate: Dr. Sohini Sengupta! Her thesis was titled Protein Structure-Guided Approaches to Identify Functional Mutations in Cancer. Sohini’s brilliant example (both academic and non-academic) is an inspiration to all! September 13, 2018.

Baby shower for Qingsong and Xiao!!!

We gathered for a baby shower to celebrate Qingsong and Xiao (and Luna!). The lab applied its artistic creativity by decorating baby onesies and then enjoyed wonderful cake! September 10, 2018.

Cardinals win for Sunantha's b-day!

We celebrated Sunantha's birthday with cake and then watched Cardinals baseball with WashU Oncology Night. After a rain delay, the Cardinals won 11-2 and everybody was happy, even those who stayed to witness the final out. Happy birthday and Go Cards! June 26, 2018.   

Fernanda joins!

MGG student Fernanda Martins Rodrigues made a very tough decision and joined the Ding Lab. We are pleased to welcome her! June 4, 2018

Yize joins!


HSG student Yize Li joined the Ding lab! Welcome! May 18, 2018

Matt & Julia's wedding

Congratulations to Matt Wyczalkowski and Julia Lange! The lab enjoyed a fabulous wedding day celebration in Tower Grove Park and the City Museum. May 12, 2018

Ruiyang joins!


We are excited that Ruiyang Liu joined the lab from the Molecular Cell Biology program! Welcome!

CPTAC3 Site Visit at NYU

We had a fabulous visit to New York City with our CPTAC3 program leaders and research partners from NYU and PNNL. Now we know why NYC is called the city that never sleeps. Good food, great science, and nice views! Thanks to our hosts!

Reyka wins AWN Student Award

Congratulations to graduate student Reyka Jayasinghe for winning Washington University School of Medicine's Academic Women's Network Student Award for outstanding leadership! Reyka has demonstrated her leadership skills in community building and science outreach in St. Louis. She served in many leadership positions as part of the Young Scientist Program, including executive director, overseeing the organization's science outreach to local schools. She has also empowered local entrepreneurs through her work with the BALSA Foundation as a board member and Technology Director. 

 Reyka Jayasinghe, community leader

Reyka Jayasinghe, community leader

Reyka has also devoted significant energy toward community building within the graduate student community by co-managing the Lethal Mutants softball team and organizing DBBS-wide float trips. The WUSM AWN promotes professional interactions and career development for women and assists and mentors women in science and medicine.

Major TCGA publications

Over the past dozen years, The Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network has produced an incredible body of work and resources for the cancer community that will serve as a foundation for research moving forward. Our lab has played a leading role in this effort.

Twenty-nine scientific publications have been published recently to mark the "end of the beginning of cancer genomics" research. The Ding Lab was responsible for six of the twenty-nine papers, including three in the journal Cell! (See our publications page.) We wish to thank TCGA and all our collaborators for the hard work and cooperation that was required to produce this groundbreaking body of work!

     Dr. Li Ding. Image credit: Matt Wyczalkowski

    Dr. Li Ding. Image credit: Matt Wyczalkowski

    Lijun joins!


    HSG student Lijun Yao joined our lab! And she is already on a publication! 

    Congratulations, Dr. Huang!

    Graduate student Kuan-lin Huang defended his thesis, "Multi-omics Portraits of Cancer" on Thursday, February 22. During his defense party, friends and colleagues admired his intellect, hard work, and ability to survive near-death experiences in completely avoidable situations. Kuan's Earth-friendly legacy will continue in the form of re-useable containers and the quest to never let free food go to waste. Congratulations, Kuan!

    2017 Oncology Holiday Party

    We had a fun night celebrating the holiday season with WashU Oncology! Dancing, good food, and great people!

    Chris passes QE!

     MD/PhD student Chris Yoon took the lab out for some delectable FroYoon to celebrate passing his QE!

    MD/PhD student Chris Yoon took the lab out for some delectable FroYoon to celebrate passing his QE!

    2017 Lab Photo Day

    The lab gathered for our annual group picture. At first not everybody was present, but then quorum was reached and we could proceed! 

    2017 Graduation Party!

    Congratulations to 2017 grads Amila (PhD), Chris (Masters), and Erin, Nathan, Carolyn, and Ryan! Continue to be great and do great! The lab celebrated a beautiful spring day and graduation by gathering at Li and Feng's house for food and outdoor activity. What fun!

    Yige, too!

    We are so happy to welcome first year student Yige Wu to the lab! She is a student in the Human & Statistical Genetics program of WashU DBBS.